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Life is a process of refinement and evolution. What is my purpose? Is more of a question of what is my purpose in this area.

Like the impossible, forever encapsulating one in the other, in the other, and so on of the babushka dolls. So is your purpose is a scale of infinity.

If will be using the babushka dolls in this context, you’ll notice a few things about them.

As such, they all look very much alike and often follow the same theme as the first layer and the very first layer is has to beautiful in order for anyone to even look at the rest of the inner layers.

This first layer is life. We start at the top.

What is my purpose life

This is the peak of your life. This is the overarching aim of your life. Further, it is the very reason behind the reason behind the reason behind the reason and beyond.

Therefore, You’re existence runs by this encapsulating truth buried deep within every strand of muscles and the essence of your soul. Every action or thought goes against your life purpose creates negative feedback in various ways.

Some never completely capture in words what this life purpose is but it is always there guiding you to the peak of your purpose in this life.

Martin Rutte, the co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work, created the heaven on earth exercise which helps you devices what your life purpose is.

What is my purpose value

Your purpose is never truly your own. Due to this, you are here for more than your selfish ambitions, your various desires or your need to own or become.

You have been put here to serve. Whether by a simple task that changes the shade of someone’s day just that little bit or by a grand influence which changes the lives of millions.

You are constantly influencing others around you. As an example to avoid, a role model to those in need of a demonstration or a teacher of truth and right. Your path, your actions, and your influence change things in this world, that is a part of your value to others.

What is my purpose personal

Shifting to your weekly or even daily life. These are things you do today, tomorrow or by the end of the week that are a part of your purpose.

As such, this is your seemingly selfish ambitions that run you day to day. Demartini calls these your highest values. subsequently, these things you think distract you actually reveal your true purpose.

Next time you are trying to concentrate on what you think it is important to see what distracts you. Then ask yourself really “what is my purpose?”

Eckhart Tolle author of The Power of Now takes the concept of personal purpose a step further by teaching the alignment of who you are in the presence of what you are doing, right now at this moment. Your Purpose is to be here now.

“Life is always just this, it is always the now.”

– Eckhart Tolle 

What is my purpose? It is a living function of value added to the world. It is a scale of the eternally smaller and eternally bigger. You are your purpose, and it is up to you to love, appreciate and recognize this in your life.